Baby-steps without Intraweb

Last week was not exactly a disaster but compared to my normal schedule of life and work, well lets say it was different.

Starting from June 1st I was concentrating mostly on how to write data onto the .g database system. First solution i ran through was to use attribute system for solving parameter names, values, domains etc. and defining a new non-geometric object to define constraints among these parameters.

Work-summary ( June 1 – 12) :

mostly exploring the possibility of storage using attribute system as well as with the introduction of a non-geometric object into the .g database. Skeleton export system working. Need to flesh it with rapid work by defining actual object architecture.

Right now updating the design document at the wiki to reflect recent discussions.

Need to write constraint_import and g2asc functionality

John would be back tomorrow. Hopefully my 40 hour work schedule can get more systematic starting today.

Moral: talk at irc before doing negative work πŸ™‚

Immediate work ahead:

Write stack onto the database as a part of constraint object to represent each of the individual relationship : Dependent

Write *more* of pc_constraint_import function : Dependent

Implement constraint network using boost : Independent

Write a short pdf/ps on constraint solving and the mathematical terminology behind it, link to wiki

Background work:

Study implementation of relation solution systems ( equalities and inequalities)

Milestone status:

Milestone 1: Storage functionality complete (read / write to the .g db and .con): 2 weeks (May 26 – June 9) : Partial

Milestone 2: Object Architecture / Memory Architecture Implementation: 3 weeks (June 9 – June 30) : Partial

status: mged is not running due to some tcltk issue. I never liked tcl πŸ™‚


~ by justanotherguy on June 12, 2008.

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