Of Boost and Graphs

Well since the last landmark I have been working mostly on integrating boost’s existing libraries to support parametrics mostly constrained_value and BGL.

It has been quite interesting but I dislike not having a hypergraph representation. Immediate plan is for testing out binary constraint solution system and use it to check various implicit constraint checks.

Today finished writing graphviz output system : So you can see graphs 🙂 < Variables and Constraints as Vertices and Edges respectively >

solver_test|dot -Tps -o x.ps

Kinda like this.. Ofcourse this has just 4 variables 😛 It would look nice with a 100 .. Maybe tomorrow..Hmm for that I need to finish the method of adding variables and constraints.

Note to self: need to reach home 🙂


~ by justanotherguy on June 27, 2008.

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