Home-Shift and 200 minute build

Finally was able to travel home by changing the 2200 km train journey into a flight-bus journey ( thanks to the floods) Reached home to realise that laptop hard disk is fried.

Using the rustic ( but my dearest first) Pentium III system with a dialup is not exactly the smoothest way to work. Consider the 200 minute build for example 😛


I havent written much about it, but successfully finished writing a binary constraint solver with backtracking around 30th. Adding various consitency propagation techniques shouldnt be too difficult.

But more importantly, need to finish the parser (EBNF) using boost’s spirit ( literally 🙂 )

Also cleaning up the earlier part of the work , freezing pc_pc_set and removing earlier structures such as pc_parameter and attribute io functions.


~ by justanotherguy on July 9, 2008.

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